Twitter Friends: Blueheart Revival

Today, Blues Brothers, our twitter friends section is having a “revival” with a great new band that we have recently discovered. Ladies and gents, we have the pleasure of introducing “Blueheart Revival”. Hailing from Washington DC, Blueheart Revival combines blues, rock, soul, and jam sounds in to a highly-potent blend of music in the American tradition. With

“Candy Man” by Roy Orbison [♫ Everyday I have the Blues ♫]

Hey pretty baby, Roy Orbison is here today and is asking you a simple request. Along with a great voice, an enchanting harp on the background and a sweet guitar setting the rythm; Roy performs his hit single “Candy Man”. Delicious! Anyone having a candy crush yet?


“Sweet Melissa” by Allman Brothers [Everyday I have the Blues ♫]

Tuesday ends and for a moment we need to understand that we are not even at the middle of the week! We just need to dream about Friday people! The Allman Brothers have the exact recipe for oniric delight with a fantastic and exquisite song. Anyone dreamt about “Sweet Melissa”? And even though it´s been

“When my left eye jumps” by Buddy Guy

Oh Buddy, my dear Buddy Guy! What an incredible talent you´ve got! It´s impossible not to fell into his bluesy explosive voice! And what about those fiery solos as in Blues at my Baby´s House? Master bluesman! This Guy´s got it all and has been around for 80 years trilling our hearts, and today; while I

“What kind of Cool” by Cody Chesnutt [Everyday I have the Blues ♫]

The blues has gone a very long way from it´s beginning down in the Mississippi Delta to the contemporary streets of our beloved world. Transforming itself through a range of instruments, rhythms, feelings and skins; but keeping itself intact ,despite the pass of time, is the Blues itself. What is to have soul in a song?

“I Cry Alone” by The Black Keys [♫ Everyday I have the Blues ♫] – Video

Sunday Morning can only mean one thing: Stormy Monday is coming brothers! The Black Keys know this, and seems Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney ain´t fooling around with this pre-Mondaynical blues, and that´s why we honor this feeling today with one of their most powerful tracks –> “I Cry Alone“. A powerful slow blues extracted

“Calling Card” by Rory Gallagher [♫ Everyday I have the Blues ♫] video

I´m so embarassed that one of my favourite artists birthday just passed without me publishing anything in his beloved memory. That´s why today I have to apologize to my guitar god Rory Gallagher! Let´s picture Rory at his best: 1977, full sold out concert, his Fender ready to rock plugged to the amp and his

“West Coast Blues” by Wes Montgomery [Jazzy Blues] Video

Stormy Monday will never have been what it is without the great jazzy inspired blues sound that our old blues master T-Bone Walker created. And that is one of the main reasons why here at we portray some of the very best extracts of jazz music with a taste of blues. Today, we have

“Just got paid” by ZZ Top [Eagle Flies on Friday]

Eagle flies on Friday baby and I´m sure it´s got some cash on it´s beak cuz my friend Billy Gibbons and his long beard band ZZ Top had just got paid! To make us feel a little bit richer, today we got some hard ass rock from our beloved Houston Texas beardmen, an extract from

New Blues Hall of Fame Inductees 2014

Every blues musician aspires to make it to the very top and become a shining star in the blues panorama: Blues Grammy, Blues Awards, non stop world tours, golden albums… you name it. Every single blues A-list artist has that and more. But all that shines in the fame path of the blues is mere